Coronavirus Health Update

Following advice and direction from the Australian Government Department of Health, we have made changes to our operations.

We work on the front line and must take these steps to not only ensure the safety of our staff, but also the vulnerable families we interact with every day.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a severe threat to our community and we all need to play our part in slowing the spread.

The number of people attending funeral services will need to comply with maximum numbers as dictated by the Australian Department of Health. We have adopted this policy to follow the best available advice – under the direction of the Australian Chief Medical Officer. Public gatherings have been identified as a risk, and funerals are no exception to this.

From 1 May  2021, Tasmania has moved to allow 100 per cent of seated indoor and outdoor capacity for gatherings at cinemas, concert venues, theatres, places of worship, funeral homes, stadiums, and arenas.   Under changes to the public health directions, the following capacity limits will apply:  

In seated areas, the number of seats up to 100%, plus

In unseated areas such as the foyer, food and drink areas, toilets, etc, the number of persons equivalent to 1 per 2 square metres of the floor space.

Employees/performers/volunteers/service attendants do not count towards these numbers.

From 21 December 2021, Tasmania has moved to require face masks required at funerals. As per this mandate masks will have to be worn in public indoor settings, including offices, restaurants, pubs and clubs, public transport and supermarkets.

Maximum capacity for all other premises and events remains unchanged..

Family members who have travelled from overseas may not be permitted to attend as per advice from the Australian Department of Health. We have the capability to Livestream funeral services. Our company has long been a leader in the industry for the flexible delivery of funeral services, and please rest assured that we have infrastructure in place to arrange video recordings and/or livestream of funeral services. In addition, we will also continue to provide a variety of options to families with consideration to the pandemic unfolding.

Therefore, we ask for your cooperation in not attending services or arrangements if you have any symptoms of illness - even the slightest sore throat. We ask for the same cooperation if you have been in contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 within the previous 14 days.

We understand that these measures are especially difficult during a time of grief where personal contact is a natural way to show care and support.  We do know that COVID-19 spreads through close contact with an infected person, mostly face-to-face and in this regard we ask you to consider and minimise your risk of exposure.

Despite the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in, please rest assured that we are here to guide you and assist anyone during this time. If you have any question in relation to planning for a funeral, please make contact with us. As circumstances with regard to the pandemic unfold, we are here to help.

Mark Graham
Managing Director