Our People & Philosophy

Our People & Philosophy

Not much has changed, since we first started caring for our community some 100 years ago, fashioned from the values and personalities of our very own families and friends. Those humble beginnings remain as true today, although perhaps a slightly more polished version, to provide you with the very best service and advice with respect and the wishes of your loved ones in mind.

Whilst we have a long history spanning well over 100 years, we are always looking into the future. As members of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in everything we do. From a simple greeting and smile of comfort, to global worldwide practice of excellence and quality assurance, it’s in our nature to care and consider every detail in memory of your loved one.

Grief is the price we pay for love, and people need time to mourn the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, we feel that by denying a loss or shielding our families we can ease the hurt or stop the feeling of grief. Grief is hard, unbearable at times, but certainly doesn’t go away if we try to deny it happens.

All our significant life events are shared with others. Birthdays and weddings provide an opportunity to come together and share. In many aspects, funerals offer the same experiences, allowing those who knew us to show that our life mattered to them, to remember us, and to celebrate a life lived.

Funerals offer finality and understanding that loved ones have died, and mark the beginning of our life without them in it.

A funeral is not a fuss; it’s saying goodbye with dignity and purpose, symbolic of our love, and a meaningful life event.

Finney Funeral Services have made a significant investment into their facilities to bring the Launceston community the highest levels of Funeral Care. Their core values are Trust, Care and Support.

TRUST – over a long history, tens of thousands of Tasmanian families have placed there trust in Finney’s. Finney’s have been there for our local community to turn to in difficult times.

CARE – In our provision of quality funeral care, we rely upon the support of special people from our community –  our funeral directors and support staff –  people hand picked and equipped to provide a farewell with dignity, purpose and respect.

Our staff appreciate the many and varied rituals and customs of a funeral. From state funerals, funerals for religious dignitaries, to an intimate, private funeral for your dad, mum; son, sister and brother, Finney’s have the expertise to provide an occasion to allow those who knew us to show that our life mattered.

SUPPORT – Through our investment in the funeral industry, Finney’s have the team and facilities to provide quality funeral care. For the many families that will use our facilities and expertise, we hope we provide an positive experience, supporting you during what can often be a difficult time.

Your experience is of utmost importance to us. By providing quality funeral care and industry leading venues, we bring family and friends together to share memories, and ultimately, celebrate a life lived.

 - Mark Graham
Managing Director
Finney Funeral Services