Pre-paid & Pre-arranged Funerals

Finney Funerals offers a service that allows you to arrange and prepay for your own funeral, or the funeral of a relative or friend.

By prepaying for your funeral you will be easing both the financial and emotional burden of funeral expenses on those you leave behind and simplifying the arrangements needed when you pass away. You are taking away the stress and guesswork at a time when your loved ones are already burdened by grief.

Finney Funerals uses only registered, regulated and long-established funeral fund houses such as Foresters Friendly Society and Lifeplan where your money is held in trust (at arm’s length) with the choice of either a lump sum payment or regular direct debits from your nominated account.

If you would like to discuss options for prepaid funeral expenses, call one of our offices and one of our prepaid specialists will help you through all of the decisions that need to be made to create the funeral that you wish to have.

Alternately you can choose to prearrange your funeral by giving our specialised consultants all the details of your funeral wishes. There are no financial arrangements locked in place by this method but you can be sure that your wishes are recorded and kept by us to make sure that the funeral is carried out the way you would want it.