We find ourselves in unprecedented times of uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic is a severe threat to our community and we all need to play our part in slowing the spread. In interest of the safety of your family and the wider community, we have taken measures around the way that we transfer people into our care, and how we arrange funerals.

When our staff arrive at your home or workplace, they will have taken measures to ensure your safety from any incidental transfer of COVID-19. These include:

  • Review of the latest documentation, including “Advice for funeral directors”, Vers. 1 from the Department of Health.
  • Self-assessment, as per Department of Health guidelines as to their own health and exposure.
  • Prior to putting on gloves, all staff will have washed and disinfected their hands, observing best practices outlined by the Department of Health.
  • Our transfer vehicles will have had all working surfaces disinfected prior to use.
  • Where appropriate, the use of personal protective equipment will be in accordance with guidelines.

When we arrive at your home, our staff will knock to make sure that you know we are there. If there is anyone in the house that has experienced any symptoms of illness, we ask that you alert our staff so they might take adequate precautions. Once your family are ready for us to transfer, we ask that there is one family member who greets our transfer staff to direct us to where your loved-one is. We also ask that other family members isolate themselves during this process.

After the transfer is complete, a funeral director will be in touch to start making arrangements for how we look after your family’s needs. Included in the materials provided by our transfer team, you will find guidelines for arranging funerals. In the interest of safety, much of this can be done over the phone and via electronic means, such. Should you wish to meet with a funeral director face to face to plan, we ask that you come into our offices to do so, and that you limit this to one family member. Funeral directors are responsible for how a funeral runs, and for the preparation of materials. The content of the service is discussed and developed between the family and the minister or celebrant used, and we will defer to their personal safety requirements.

The number of people attending funeral services are changing as each stage of restrictions are lifted. Therefore from 12pm Friday 26th June 2020 numbers for funeral services is increased to 250 people indoors or 500 people outdoors still abiding by social distancing. Our facilities cater for these numbers. At Finney Funeral Services, we have long been industry leaders in flexible deliver of funeral services, with livestreaming and recording services for families as part of what we regularly do.  We will endeavour to provide solutions to your family’s needs during this difficult time.


Mark Graham