Welcome to Finney Funeral Services

Every life is unique, and the way people respond to the loss of a loved one is unique too.

People experience a range of feelings after losing a loved one from sadness and shock, to disbelief and despair. One thing is certain; no two people react the same way. However, people do have to deal with the same practicalities. Inevitably, there are things to be done when someone dies and decisions that need to be made. Finney Funeral Services are there to guide you and assist anyone during times of need, as we have a proud tradition of caring for the community.

We've been providing Tasmanian families with high-quality funeral care and practical advice on arranging funerals for over a century, with our philosophy of trust, care and support at the center of everything we do.

Our experienced team help to find the best way of celebrating the life of your loved one. This website is designed to help you through this difficult time. Here you will find clear and precise information on what needs to be done when arranging a funeral, as well as useful advice for coping with grief and bereavement.

We hope that you find it valuable.

Mark Graham
Managing Director
Finney Funeral Services