Service Delivery

Whilst it is hoped that any concerns can be addressed by the Consultant assisting you with the funeral or cemetery arrangements, if this is not possible, the following procedures should be followed.

If you have any concerns with the level of service and care we have provided, you may convey them

In person:

  • By appointment at a mutually convenient time and place;
  • By telephone:
  • By phoning (03) 6343 2266 during business hours;
  • In writing:
  • By outlining your concerns in a letter, email or fax. To ensure a prompt response, please include your contact details.

Contact details

Mark Graham
Managing Director
Finney Funeral Services
34 Nunamina Avenue Kings Meadows

Phone: 03 6343 2266


Your concerns raised or feedback received will be promptly acknowledged in writing and/or by telephone.

Response and Communication

We will provide you with a response to any complaint as soon as possible after completing an appropriate investigation.

Whilst we will generally respond to you in writing, sometimes a verbal response is more practical and/or appropriate.


If you are satisfied with our response, we will confirm and carry out the understanding reached.

However, if following further communication, we are unable to reach a resolution, you are encouraged to refer your complaint to the Chief Executive Office of the Australian Funeral Directors Association on 03 9859 9966 or 03 9859 9966.

Client Feedback after the funeral, we send our client families a short survey on the aspects of our service, and closely review the feedback we receive to improve the level of service and care we provide.

Mark Graham
Managing Director